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Jo, Youngheun

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Hi. I'm Jo and I research brain networks.

I am a member of the BNBL run by prof. Rick Betzel at Indiana University - Bloomington. Presently, I am working on idiosyncratic features of the human brain network and network modularity in varying fMRI datasets and neuropsychological conditions. I am also interested in the brain's developing network architecture and applying network science approaches to understanding the human brain.

Academic background
I finished my B.Sc. in Biology and B.Eng in Biotechnology at Sogang University (Magna cum Laude). Led by my interest in the brain and behavior, I flew to London to study neuroscience with prof. Marco Catani at King's College London (Meritus). My master's thesis was on the structural connectivity of the visual occipital fasciculus and it's potential influence in human language abilities. I am now based at Indiana University - Bloomington (FA2019 - present) in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department with my research focus on computational and cognitive neuroscience.

Facts about me?
(a) I enjoy cooking and traveling
(b) My handsome cat - Hoochu - was adopted from an animal shelter
(c) I used to play competitive badminton (and I still enjoy playing)
(d) Favorite genre of movies: horror (i.e. Dark Water) and drama (i.e. Old Boy, Oasis)
(e) Favorite genre of games: zombie fps (RE series, Dying Light), indie (Crypt of the Necrodancer)

Publications (* denotes co-first authorship)

[9] High-amplitude co-fluctuations in cortical activity drive functional connectivity
Esfahlani FZ, Jo Y*, Faskowitz J, Sporns O, Betzel R F, BioRxiv [Link]

[8] Edge-centric functional network representations of human cerebral cortex reveal overlapping system-level architecture.
Faskowitz J, Esfahlani FZ, Jo Y, Sporns O, Betzel R F, BioRxiv [Link]

[7] Disrupted functional and structural connectivity in Angelman syndrome.
Jo Y, Yoon HM, Lee JS, Ks TS, Koo JH, Shim WH, Yum MS, AJNR (2020, In Press)

[6] Radiomics prognostication model in glioblastoma using diffusion- and perfusion-weighted MRI
Kim HS, Jo Y, Yoo RE, Choi SH, Nam SH, Kim JH, Scientific Reports (2020)

[5] Delayed default mode and brainstem-thalamic networks development and altered fast oscillation dynamics in a rat model of cortical malformation
Kim MJ, Yum MS, Jo Y, Lee M, Kim EJ, Shim WH, Ko TS, Journal of Neuroscience (Under Review)

[4] Prediction of Core Signaling Pathway using Diffusion- and Perfusion-based MR Radiomics and Next Generation Sequencing in IDH wild type Glioblastoma.
Park SY, Park JE, Jo Y, Nam SJ, Chun SM, Kim JH, Kim HS, Radiology (2019) [Link]

[3] Advanced imaging parameters improve the prediction of diffuse lower-grade gliomas subtype, IDH mutant with no 1p19q codeletion: added value to the T2/FLAIR mismatch sign.
Lee MK, Park JE, Jo Y, Park SY, Kim SJ, Kim HS, European Radiology (2019) [Link]

[2] Incorporating diffusion- and perfusion-weighted MRI into a radiomics model improves diagnostic performance for pseudoprogression in glioblastoma patients.
Kim JY, Park JE, Jo Y, Shim WH, Nam SJ, Kim JH, Yoo RE, Choi SH, Kim HS, Neuro-Oncology (2018) [Link]

[1] Sudden bispectral index reduction and suppression ratio increase associated with bradycardia in patient undergoing breast conserving surgery.
Jo Y, Kim JM, Jeon SB, Park SU, Kam HJ, Shim WH, Kim SH, Journal of Neurocritical Care (2018) [Link]

Presentations & Talks

The Anatomy of the Vertical Occipital System
Catani M, Yaghi Z, Jo Y, Beyh A, Dell' Acqua F, De Santiago Requejo F, Forkel S, Organization for Human Brain Mapping (Vancouver, Canada 2017)

Honors and Awards

August 2019 Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network, Workshop Student Travel Grant

2019 - 2024 Indiana University - Bloomington, Arts and Science Graduate Student Scholarship

2012 - 2015 Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies, Undergraduate Scholarship Program

2012 Sogang University, Scholarship of Academic Performance (1/3 Tuition exemption)

2011 Sogang University, Scholarship of Academic Performance (1/3 Tuition exemption)


SP2020 Indiana University - Bloomington, Assistant Instructor in K300 Statistics

FA2019 Indiana University - Bloomington, Teaching Assistant in P155 Introduction to Psychological and Brain Sciences

FA2013 Sogang University, Volunteer Tutor in Sogang Light House Program teaching mathematics and english to underprivileged children